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Alekas Hotels at Samothrace

Villa Aleka & Alekas Studios

The story of the oldest Greek hospitality business in Samothrace is, above all, a personal story. At the helm of all these years, is Alexandra Hatzistefanou and her husband Vasilis Marmaras, our group of rented accommodation, with almost 20 years of operation, is the most experienced company in Samothrace, Greece.

Constantly evolving the art of heartfelt hospitality in Greece, Aleka Studios hotels in Therma Samothraki and Villa Aleka in the picturesque Chora, capital of the island offer holiday at the unparalleled natural beauty of Samothraki.

Alekas Studios at Therma Samothrace

Alekas Studios are surrounded by a lush garden with hydrangeas. Magnificent conditions for staggering and uninterrupted views of the pristine Samothrace mountains and countryside are waiting for you. You can jump out of bed and enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountain or the Thracian sea.

Villa Aleka at Chora Samothrace

The traditional and spacious apartments of Villa Aleka have a balcony with a sea sight and an amazing view of the picturesque Chora of Samothrace, perfect for throwing open the shutters on a sunny morning. Chora is built amphitheatrically on the foothills of Mount Saos, in the pine trees, above the ruins of the medieval castle of Gattiluzzi (1300-1400). Chora has one of the most beautiful cobbled streets with small two-floor houses next to each other.

Samothrace | The mysteries of the great gods

Samothraki has beautiful beaches, most of which are not accessible by road, with turquoise waters and one of the richest seabeds of the Mediterranean. The verdant landscapes of Samothrace are what makes the island unique: wild nature, dense vegetation, and abundant springs. You will also see goats in the middle of nowhere, as a large number of them live in the wild in the mountains of the island. Brooks and streams that originate from mountain Saos, on their way to the sea often form waterfalls, as well as vathres, which resemble natural pools in the rocks and will surely entice you to dive into their icy, crystal waters.

Apart from its natural beauty, Samothrace has a rich history and is of huge archaeological interest. The world famous statue “Nike of Samothrace ” was discovered on the island in 1863 and today is one of the most important exhibits in the Louvre, in Paris. The “Cabeiri Mysteries” that took place in ancient times in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods  of Samothrace, were one of the occult rites of the ancient Greeks.