Beaches of Samothrace

The beaches of Samothrace will be unforgettable to their visitors – as will be the entire experience of the journey to the mysterious island of antiquity and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

The island of Samothrace is mountainous,as its surface is domineered by the mountain Saos with its highest peak Feggari, at 1614 meters. The vathres  of the mountain, natural pools formed by numerous streams steal the show from the beaches of Samothrace, as they are very rarely found in other parts of Greece.


The Archaeological museum and site are in Paleopoli, 600 metres east of the hotel. At the museum you can se different findings of the archaeological site, mostly from excavations which took place in the sanctuary of the Great Gods. Various priceless jewellery, coins, and the famous statue of “Winged Victory of Samothrace”, which was discovered in 1863 from the French ambassador C. Champoiseau, are some of what you can see in the museum.


The trail to the waterfall of Fonia or the Vathres of Therma crosses over the most beautiful scenery of the island.
For many it is the most memorable experience in comparison to other islands of our country.
We don’t want to share any more details or describe it to you because we would like to let you discover its beauty by yourselves.