Beaches of Samothrace

Beaches of Samothrace

by Aleka

The beaches of Samothrace will be unforgettable to their visitors – as will be the entire experience of the journey to the mysterious island of antiquity and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

The island of Samothrace is mountainous,as its surface is domineered by the mountain Saos with its highest peak Feggari, at 1614 meters. The vathres  of the mountain, natural pools formed by numerous streams steal the show from the beaches of Samothrace, as they are very rarely found in other parts of Greece.

The beaches of Samothrace, for those visitors who manage to escape the shade of the plane trees and the river water, are waiting to offer them endless swimming in the vast, blue sea! Most of the beaches of Samothrace are inaccessible by land (road). The best way to reach them is by boat, either your own, or rented or by the boats that make frequent routes and go around the island.

Vatos is the most famous beach of Samothrace and is accessible only by sea or by a hard to cross canyon. But the beach of Pachia Ammos  you can access by car, as well as Kipi Beach  with the beautiful sunset and Pirgos tou Fonia beach, where estuates the homonymous torrent.

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos of Samothrace is the most visited beach of the island. It is located in the southwestern part of Samothrace and in order to access it by car, you must take the road from Kamariotissa. Kamariotissa is the port  of Samothraki and the focal point of the roads running through it. To get to Pachia Ammos, you will have to take the road that leads south. After passing through the western part of Samothrace, which is full of olive groves and hosts some of the most beautiful villages of the island, AloniaLakomaProphitis Ilias  and Xeropotamos, the road will eventually lead you to Pachia Ammos.
This beach of Samothrace could be found in the Caribbean or in another exotic place! Golden sand in endless layers and a verdant environment completes the landscape of Pachia Ammos. It is one of the few accessible by car beaches of Samothrace and is situated 15 km from the port of Kamariotissa. During the summer months a bus of the municipality  runs itineraries to Pachia Ammos.
On the beach of Pachia Ammos there is a restaurant and a beach bar, while you will also find sun loungers, umbrellas and some rooms to rent.
A short distance from Pachia Ammos lies the chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa, built on top of a rock.


Most people consider Vatos the most beautiful beach  of Samothrace. It is very large in size, with white sand and blue-green, emerald waters. Nature has done its best here, so those who visit Vatos not only do they not leave disappointed, but instead, they leave the place completely charmed!
It is located east of Pachia Ammos, in the southern part of the island and the easiest way to get here is by sea on one of the boats that start from Therma  and go round the island. Vatos is located at the exit of the homonymous gorge, surrounded by high cliffs that form caves. The evergreen trees reach all the way to the sand.
If you continue by boat even further east from Vatos, you will see the crystal clear waterfall of Kremastos , cascading from a height of almost one hundred meters into the sea, as well as the geological formation with the strange name “Tis Grias ta Pania ” (the sails of the old woman).
The alternative way to access Vatos is to descent one of the most inaccessible and dangerous gorges of Samothrace, on the steep slopes of mountain Saos. The Gorge of Vatos is best avoided by inexperienced hikers.


Kipoi is the most remote beach of the island, since it is located at the southeastern coast of Samothrace, away from the settlements. When you consider that the port of the island, which is its most populous settlement, Kamariotissa, is located in northwestern Samothrace, it gives a new meaning to the phrase “on the other side”, when talking about Kipoi!
Kipoi beach is prefered by those who want their privacy, in contrast to the noisy and crowded Pachia Ammos beach . Here there is nothing else, other than the man and nature. The dark gray, fine gravel and the deep blue sea make up one of the few landscapes of Samothrace not dominated by vegetation.
Kipoi is the largest of the beaches  of Samothrace. The vast beach is surrounded by wild cliffs on the right and a verdant background behind it, towards the mountain.
In any case, whoever comes to Kipoi should not leave before the sun sets – for many, it is the best sunset of the island!

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