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Archaeological museum

The Archaeological museum and site are in Paleopoli, 600 metres east of the hotel. At the museum you can see different findings of the archaeological site, mostly from excavations which took place in the sanctuary of the Great Gods. Various priceless jewelry, coins, and the famous statue of “Winged Victory of Samothrace”, which was discovered in 1863 from the French ambassador C. Champoiseau, are some of what you can see in the museum.

Folkore museum

In the capital of Samothrace, Chora, you can visit the folkore museum where you have the opportunity to see objects from everyday rural life, household utensils, tools, embroideries, women materials, furniture and representative local costumes. Moreover, since Chora is a traditional and picturesque village, it is great for evening strolls.

The towers of Samothrace

You will find the ruins of the medieval Byzantine tower of Gattilusi at the Tower of Fonias in Paleopoli and Chora. It was built in 1430 by the rule of the Genoese Gattilusi family to protect the island by the pirates. The view from up there is fantastic. You can take wonderful photos.

Panagia Krimniotissa

In southern Samothrace, the visitors of the island can see a chapel standing at the edge of the cliff! It is Panagia Krimniotissa of Samothrace (Virgin Mary), which took its name from the steep and wild cliffs that surround it (Krimnos – cliff). Many have likened the chapel to an eagle’s nest, due to the way it stands alone amid the rocks.
According to the tradition surrounding Panagia Krimniotissa, during the iconoclastic period of Samothrace, shepherds found the icon of the Virgin Mary near Pachia Ammos, the beach that lies nearby, and brought it to a cave in order to protect it. The next day, however, miraculously, the image disappeared from the cave and was found on a rock at the edge of the cliff. It was then decided to build the chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa there and to carve fifty steps in the rock leading to this day the visitors up to the chapel.
The view from the top of the rock and the church of Panagia Krimniotissa is enchanting: endless ocean, the bay of Pachia Ammos, Imbros and a unique sunset!
To get to Panagia Krimniotissa take the road that leads to Pachia Ammos and just before you reach it turn on the concrete road that has a length of about 3 km. In the end, at an altitude of 311 meters the chapel is built.


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